Teaching Strategies & Course Design

  • “Creating an Inclusive Classroom Climate: What Does the Research Say, and How Do We Do It?”
  • “Discussion in the First-Year Seminar Classroom”
  • “Teaching Critical Reading Skills”
  • “Writing Effective Multiple-Choice Questions”
  • “Building Engaging Learning Activities Into Your Class”
  • “How Do Grades Work in Your Course? Designing a System That Supports Your Teaching Goals”
  • “Effective Questioning Techniques for Lecture, Discussion, Group Work, and Homework”
  • “Designing Rubrics to Communicate Expectations, Provide Feedback, and Clarify Grading”
  • “Designing Courses and Programs with the Ends in Mind”
  • “Scaffolding Learning In (and Across) a Course”
  • “Using Learning Goals to Make the Most of Your Course”
  •  “Designing Pedagogical Experiments”
  • “Evaluating Your Students’ Learning & Whether Your [Pedagogical] Project Is Succeeding”
  • “Teaching Climate Change,” with Emily Northrop (day-long course design workshop)
  • “Managing Time for Teaching”
  • “Feedback and Grading: Strategies for Balancing Timeliness, Effectiveness, and Efficiency”

Scholarship and Professional Development

  • “Writing a Teaching Statement”
  • “How to Conduct a Peer Evaluation of Teaching”
  • “Making Time for Writing and Research”
  • “Managing Your Online Scholarly and Professional Presence”