Faculty & Educational Development

Currently, I am the founding Director of the Center for Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship at Southwestern University, a liberal arts college in the heart of central Texas.  I support faculty in their development as teacher-scholars who combine substantial scholarly and creative agendas with creative, intentional, and effective undergraduate teaching.

In my previous work as director of the Center for Teaching Excellence at St. Edward’s University, a master’s-granting institution with a strong emphasis on liberal arts education, I supported professional development and effective and innovative teaching among 485+ faculty members (tenure-line and contingent).

What does educational development (or faculty development) for active teacher-scholars look like?  Here are some of the major areas of work:

Programs |  I design and lead faculty development programs related to teaching and learning, scholarship, and professional success — including workshops and panel discussions, talks by guest experts, annual conferences and symposia, a peer teaching exchange, faculty circles and reading groups, writing and research groups, course innovation fellowships, mentoring programs, and talks.

Consultations | Consulting with instructors and departments about teaching can play a critical role in course transformation. This work includes developing learning outcomes, matching pedagogical strategies to learning goals, conducting classroom observations, analyzing course and assignment designs, reviewing student and peer evaluation feedback, and identifying relevant educational research.

Scholarship of teaching & learning | Through faculty learning communities, I support faculty learning about and production of scholarship focused on teaching and learning questions in their own classes and support a culture of scholarly teaching.

Educational technology | I collaborate closely with the educational technology and library teams to support innovative uses of technology for teaching, including technology pilot start-up grants, innovation fellowships, educational technology workshops and discussions, and strategic planning in the area of technology for teaching.

New faculty | I develop the orientation programs for new faculty and provide ongoing support for faculty across their early years.

General education / liberal education across the curriculum | At a liberal arts college, a critical component of this work is supporting efforts to integrate – vertically and horizontally – the general education program into the curriculum, and to support all faculty members’ pursuit of the university’s mission and liberal arts educational goals in their teaching.

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